Big Oil is downright furious that this brand new fuel-saving device was released to the general public. 

Our brand new EcoOBD2 device works with Gasoline "Petrol-Unleaded" and Diesel engines and helps save on average 15-20%+ fuel.

It works by accessing the OBD₂ protocols and remapping your car's ECU for better fuel consumption.

The EcoOBD2 adjusts itself to the car, according to the drivers' habit and always keeps remapping the ECU to save fuel and lowering emission.

  • 20%+ Fuel Savings
    Saves you $40 - $200+ a month on fuel bills
  • 100% Safe For Car Engine
    EcoOBD2 is equipped with an engine protection function which makes it 100% safe for your car engine as well as not lowering the performance of your car

  • Easy To Install
    Just plug into your OBD₂ port (Gasoline Petrol-Unleaded cars after 1996 and Diesel cars after 1998)
  • Easy To Remove
    After unplugging it goes back to the factory settings
  • The Longer You Drive, The Better The Performance
    We suggest driving for at least 1 month prior to making any decisions although most see a significant difference after 200km / 150miles

  •  1 x EcoOBD2 - Fuel Saving Device