Conserva Energy Saver (3 Pack)

 Big Energy Hates This Clever New Device That Reduces Electricity Bills by Up to 90% Every Month!

Do your electric bills continue to increase month after month, year after year?

As a family of 6 this day in age, we use a lot of power every month. Our electric bills were extremely high in the past, but now I pay between 40-60% less every month.

I will tell you below how we were able to pull this off so you can too!

Interested In Some Background?

I've been a licensed electrician for nearly 15 years. Some time ago I was working for a homeowner doing a large renovation along with several other contractors. Everyone had several power tools running nonstop (drills, saws, lights, etc.)

After working for a few days I stopped to check the electric meter to ensure everything was ready for inspections when I noticed that since I started the job only 1500 watts had been used over several days. I wondered how could that be? With all the power tools being used it should have been WAY more than that!

I then asked the homeowner if he ever had a problem with his meter properly reading his usage. He first laughed a little which I thought was odd. Then showed me a device he had plugged into the wall. It was called Conserva and he said it would decrease the amount of energy wasted due to the dirty signal that comes into the home from the power company. He said he had discovered it traveling abroad and brought a few of these devices back with him.

I was skeptical of what he was telling me. I had never seen or heard of anything like this in my entire life so I began doing some research about the science behind it.

After hours of research, I found an article that explained how and why this method works and why the power companies won't let it go mainstream.

How Does It Work?

Simply put, this is a device that you plug into the outlet closest to your breaker box.  That's all you need to do. Once plugged in, the green LED indicates it is powered on and working.  I noticed with further testing that if your home is large it is beneficial to place 1 unit close to the breaker box and another as far away from it as possible.  It's as simple as that.

During my studies, I was taught that appliances always draw more power than they need to run due to inefficiencies and noise on the sine wave.  The Conserva reduces this noise, thereby decreasing the amount of electricity wasted.  It doesn't change what the meter reads or steal extra power from anywhere, it just uses energy more efficiently, therefore, needing less of it.


Conserva Is Constantly Improving Your Power Stream By Capturing And Rectifying The Current Of Otherwise Lost Energy. That Way Your Electricity Consumption Will Be Substantially Lower.
My Conserva reduced my energy consumption by 73% -- I now save $70-$90 each and EVERY MONTH.


How Much Does Conserva Cost?

Isn't this the question that really matters most? I anticipated that the cost of something like this would be astronomical.

I was quite surprised to find out I could get one for just $67.50. Uncle Walt has been working with the manufacturer to see if we could do better on pricing in order to get the word out. And for a limited time, Uncle Walt has been able to negotiate a price for customers of ONLY $39.95 per unit.

Where Can I Buy It?

The reason this device can't be bought in regular stores because Big Energy is fighting and lobbying to keep them out of consumers hands. Luckily, you can order Conserva directly from Uncle Walts Emporium!

Conclusion – Is Conserva Worth It?

Absolutely, yes!

At first, I was extremely skeptical about something like this working. There was only one way to find out if it worked, and that was to try it out for myself. I'm sure glad I did. I now save as much as $2300 a year, and it is all thanks to Conserva!

If you're serious about saving money every month, you should give Conserva a try.  

How Do I Go About Getting An Conserva:

I'm sure this question is running through your head at this point since you can't get these at your everyday stores.

    • Step 1: Order Conserva from Uncle Walts Emporium.
    • Step 2: Plug the Conserva into the outlet closest to your breaker box.
    • Step 3: Sit back and enjoy your lower monthly electric bill!

NOTE: If your home is more significant than 2000 sqft, Conserva recommends using and an additional unit for each 1000sqft.